Collaborator’s spotlight – Southway Housing Trust

Collaborator’s spotlight – Southway Housing Trust
Date: 17/06/2022

Southway Housing Trust is a community-based housing provider and social enterprise established in 2007, working in Greater Manchester. All Southway homes exceed the Decent Homes Standard and its core landlord services achieve above average performance and tenant satisfaction ratings.

Southway’s Primary Purpose is ‘to provide high-quality affordable homes in desirable neighbourhoods, where people are happy to live and have the opportunity to reach their potential’.

Southway’s Futures Strategy took the organisation from the delivery of the promises made to its tenants in 2007, when homes were transferred from Manchester City Council, into new areas of activity. These included the development and acquisition of new affordable homes, increased social investment including employment and training initiatives, and a focus on Age Friendly work reflecting the local population profile. So far, it has been successful in delivering numerous schemes across the South Manchester area, working with local authorities and stakeholders to build lasting communities

A community focused charitable trust

Southway Housing Trust puts an emphasis on building communities. The area it specialises in is the provision of affordable housing, specifically in the South Manchester area, but also understanding the needs and wants of people within adjoining areas. Creating communities has been firmly cemented within the culture of its business.

The way Southway does things is determined by its values: “We are Caring, Committed and we will be Successful Together.

Southway Housing Trust’s values showcase that it is:

  • Strongly committed to caring for people.
  • Working collaboratively with other organisations to be successful together
  • Expert in understanding the demand for housing that people want to live in

Southway believes working with businesses whose values align so much with its own is a recipe for

Why Southway Housing Trust enlisted Collaborate Living’s help

With any housing scheme, developers are often faced with numerous challenges such as finding and sourcing sites or conflict between different parties within the development process.

Southway Housing Trust has a desire to become a partner of choice. The team is built upon the foundations of trust and expertise but to ultimately become a partner of choice, it had to get in front of the right people.

Southway Housing Trust understood that to achieve this, it had to expand its geographical reach by
networking with businesses that had the opportunities it was looking for.
This is where Collaborate Living stepped in.

We understood Southway Housing Trust’s wants and needs due to our expertise and understanding
in the public sector, especially the parameters of social housing. Our next objective was allowing Southway Housing Trust to tap into our network and enabling it to get in front of the right people.

Creating communities by working collaboratively

By developing a strong working relationship with Southway Housing Trust, we were able to
successfully find a site that suited its requirements. Through our partnership approach, we were
successfully able to build a brilliant social housing development in Mauldeth Road, Burnage.

Post-completion of this site, we started developing one of the key points Southway Housing Trust
suggested, which was the expansion of its geographical reach. By doing this, we have been able to
locate and secure an additional site in Monton, Eccles, which is now close to build completion.

When we work with partners on new, emerging projects, we always ensure we build a package tailored to our client, which not only has their invested interest within the project but also respects their vision and mission.

This includes all facets of the development process, from handling the acquisition of the site to the
actual delivery of the finished product. As our mission statement states, “We deliver housing and build communities.”

The measurable result

The housing market is a never-ending cycle of rising prices. Southway Housing Trust understands the pressure of affordability for people on low incomes. Its policy considers the Local Housing Allowance cap when setting rents.

Southway Housing Trust is in competition with major commercial housing developers to buy land within the South Manchester area. Assisting it in its vision to procure land to deliver social rental homes is a huge win in both of our books.

Social housing is for people who may or may not be in employment and one of Southway Housing Trust’s aims is to create a mixed community – one which we are happy to facilitate.

The Collaborate Living Difference

We understood the vision of Southway Housing Trust as we knew this was high up on its list of
priorities. Furthermore, we are mindful of situations that do arise within their projects.
Wendy Mills, Head of Development at Southway Housing Trust, had this to say.

“They are mindful of all areas of our relationship in respect to what we are working to and trying to
achieve. I feel the qualities shown within Collaborate Living reflect our aspirations – from inception to
completion whilst at all times delivering a quality service.

Their connections and reputation within the industry is one to behold and has allowed us to achieve
great things making a real difference to lives across South Manchester.”

Making real change

We love hearing back from our collaborators and when that feedback is positive, and you can see just exactly where change is being made, it demonstrates the value of the work we are doing.

Working with Collaborate Living means partnering with a team of specialists in your sector – a partner that stays by your side and maintains stability and commitment, from concept to completion.

Our industry reputation and connections mean we have close working relationships with suitable delivery partners for your project.

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