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Land & Build Package Deal

Collaborate Living serves as your single point of contact, helping you meet your housing demands and targets. Our land and build package deals are designed to make delivering affordable, diverse and innovative housing simple, cost-effective and efficient, with everything you need in one convenient package.

We’re committed to making the process as straightforward as possible, so we can focus on what really matters – building the energy efficient homes your community needs.

What we do

We identify suitable, quality off-market sites in the right areas for housing development and regeneration and offer them as a land and build package deal. This makes the process simpler, faster and more efficient for you.

  • Identifying and Securing Sites
  • Managing the planning process from application to permission
  • Delivering you a build-ready site and delivery partner to save you time and ensure maximum value 


We cut through the ‘red tape’ you come up against as a registered provider. We make sure you get the best possible value out of every pound of investment and funding available to you.

Collaborate Living has a five-year track record of successful land and build package delivery projects, helping you meet your development targets with clear cost certainty.

To find out more about Land and Build Package Deals, or to learn more about how Collaborate Living can help you, get in touch today.  

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