The non-bricks and mortar elements that make a project successful for housing associations.

The non-bricks and mortar elements that make a project successful for housing associations.
Date: 01/03/2022

Defining the success of your housing association development project goes beyond bricks and mortar. So, what are the non-bricks and mortar elements that make a positive project from the perspective of a housing association?  

With decades of experience in delivering exactly what our clients need, we’re sharing what we’ve learned here. 

Aligned business objectives 

Collaboration succeeds when partners come together with shared goals, mindsets, and approaches to working. 

We only work with collaborators whose business objectives align with ours. In short, organisations driven by something greater than profit, as we believe this is the only way to create meaningful projects with impact. 

Crucially, we offer a certainty of delivery that isn’t always present in the construction industry.   

We have robust relationships with contractors and carry out rigorous financial checks to ensure you have the right team to see your development to fruition because we understand how important it is for you to meet your targets and create the homes your community needs.  

Technical due diligence 

Certain projects flounder when inexperienced individuals pay lip service to the due diligence process at the start of a development. 

With Collaborate Living, it’s an altogether different experience. 

The level of detail that goes into our technical site due diligence is simply unparalleled. 

We channel decades of experience into investigating every nuance and factor historically affecting a piece of land. This saves you incredible amounts of time, budget, and headaches further down the line and affords you the ultimate assurance and confidence in the longevity of your project.  


Understanding a project’s broader objectives is a critical element of the housing association development process. 

From our unique position overseeing all aspects of a housing association project, we’re able to push for quality in all respects. 

We apply stringent standards to the planning and design part of the project, and work exclusively with trusted construction partners who we handpick to be the best fit for the job.

Your budget is critical, so we conduct comprehensive cost exercises to deliver value at every stage.  

The result is a meticulous eye for every little detail to ensure the finished development exceeds expectations and delivers optimal value for your housing association and your future tenants. 


Building better communities is at the heart of our purpose. 

And while the bricks and mortar we help produce is the physical representation of our work, creating or sustaining a community spirit is a less tangible but equally critical part of the finished product. 

As a housing association representative, you care about your community and feel passionate about creating affordable homes that meet your residents’ urgent needs, bring positivity to your locale, and preserve that sense of pride for future generations. 

We care about this as much as you do, and we instil that compassion and understanding into every part of the planning, design, and build process: from choosing the right site to bringing onboard the best partners to deliver on your ambitions. 


You know it’s simply not enough for today’s affordable homes to look the part. Sustainability is a commitment we share as we strive to limit our impact on the planet. 

For us, sustainability is a driving purpose in every project we undertake for housing associations. 

We not only appreciate and understand your targets, but we go beyond your expectations to deliver homes that are both environmentally and socially sustainable to benefit your communities now and well into the future. 

Why work with Collaborate Living on your housing association build? 

Your priorities are people first, planet next, and profit last. And it’s the same for us. 

In an often-volatile industry, you know anything can happen. And the many moving parts at play have the power to disrupt your project in a multitude of unexpected ways.  

Naturally, you need certainty of delivery, assurance of quality, and confidence in the ability of your partners to deliver what you need, how and when you need it.  

Working with Collaborate Living means partnering up with a small team of specialists in your sector who stay by your side and maintain stability and commitment from concept to completion.  

Our industry reputation and connections mean we have close working relationships with suitable delivery partners for your project. 

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