Our rebrand and what it means for our community

Our rebrand and what it means for our community
Date: 22/10/2021

What’s in a name? You may have noticed we’ve rebranded. If you did, you might be wondering why. It’s more of an evolution than a rebranding. But what exactly does that mean?

In our latest blog, we’ll explore why Constructing Growth has become Collaborate Living and the impact it will have on you and your projects.

Time for change

This is a critical moment for the UK housing industry. A disconnect exists between the goals of policymakers and
third sector organisations and the realities of landowners and commercial businesses.

We believe things can be different and positive change is within reach.

Driving progress

Our team has a clear vision of how to achieve real progress in affordable housing.

What’s more, we’re in a unique position to stimulate, inspire, and lead that progress.

By developing long-term relationships with housing associations, local authorities, and commercial construction
partners over the past 20 years, we’ve gained a deep and intricate understanding of the objectives, margins, goals,
and requirements of all parties.

Armed with this knowledge and a knack for building (and maintaining) strong working relationships, we can lead with the fresh approach the industry needs.

Our mission now goes beyond construction and growth.

It’s time to strive for the kind of collaboration that reframes how people live and revolutionises the impact we have
on our planet.

So, we’re taking this to the next level, galvanising our ability to champion change and signalling the start of a new

It’s time for Collaborate Living.

Sustainability for all

It’s no longer enough for you to create profitable developments.

Your priorities have evolved, and people rightly demand more from the communities they inhabit.

As one of the key players in the industry, you have a responsibility to lead with sustainability at the heart of your
work, and we’re here to help you achieve that.

This isn’t a box-ticking exercise, as it goes much deeper. It’s a true purpose and a common goal that binds every
stakeholder with a vested interest in affordable housing.

Driving sustainability for all is about building purpose-driven, affordable housing that respects and improves our

It’s about listening to people living in the communities we serve, collaborating with organisations who share your
vision and delivering the homes – and societies – of the future.

We know how you work. We understand your passions, your constraints, your ambitions, and your budgets. And the
same goes for every organisation in the planning, design, and supply chain.

Therefore, we’re here to act as the keystone that allows you to create sustainable communities through progressive,
purpose-led collaboration.

What our rebranding means to you

As Collaborate Living, we’re still the vehicle that accelerates your project to completion smoothly and takes all of the stress and headache away from your desk.

We’ll keep connecting you with partners whose values match yours and nurture collaborative relationships that accomplish more than the sum of their parts.

Now, we feel our brand encapsulates our values and our mission to change the face of affordable housing and drive a more collaborative way of working for all involved.

Under the name Collaborate Living, we can embody everything you believe the affordable housing sector should be
and pioneer a transformative new way of working together.

We’re your ally, and we’re working with you to make a real difference.

Want to know more? Speak to the Collaborate Living team about your next project, whether you’re a landowner,
housing association, contractor, local authority, or policymaker.

Together, we can collaborate to build the communities our people and planet deserve.