Allotment Road, Eccles

Status Planning: Approved




The Site is located to the southwest of Manchester City Centre, to the south of Irlam and to the north of Cadishead within walking distance of Irlam train station.



This project represents a transformative land and build package deal aimed at addressing the pressing need for affordable housing in Salford. It entails the demolition of an existing detached single dwelling and the construction of 20 apartments, each with individual access points. Located southwest of Manchester City Centre, south of Irlam, and north of Cadishead, the development site is strategically positioned within walking distance of Irlam train station.

This initiative not only revitalizes the area but also diversifies its housing options by introducing smaller dwellings amidst predominantly larger-family homes. The project will be executed under a JCT D&B contract, with GK Construction & Project Management taking the helm as the Principal Contractor.

Crucially, the endeavor has secured grant funding from both Homes England and Greater Manchester Combined Authority, specifically earmarked for brownfield development. This financial support plays a pivotal role in realizing the construction of these much-needed affordable homes, aligning with the ongoing efforts to enhance housing accessibility and affordability in Salford.

The Numbers

  • Homes: 20 apartments
  • Land: 0.7 acres